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  1. matt1978


    D6A4FA0D-A2EF-44E6-8663-B3AADD4141A8.png PayPal! :mad:

    Last November I ordered something off a FaceBook advert (a proper one by a company, I don’t mean a classified ad) paid for it via their website/online shop with PayPal.

    Around December I received notification to say that it had been dispatched and they sent me the tracking details. The link for the tracking details was via a Chinese tracking service so all of the writing was in Chinese. Anyway fast forward to Jan 2019 and it says that it has arrived with Royal Mail and that it’s “in transit” But that’s it. No further information.

    I emailed the seller and they kept saying in pigeon English to “be patient” and so this goes on. Towards the end of March, I opened up a dispute with PayPal 3-4 days before the deadline, saying the goods hadn’t been delivered and send them screenshots of emailed correspondence as well as screenshots of the tracking clearly stating that the goods were still in Transit and had not been delivered.

    I got notification today from PayPal that they have ruled in the sellers favour as they have provided proof that the goods have been delivered but the Royal Mail tracking website still states it’s in Transit as it has done since January.

    As far as I can see there is no option via PayPal to appeal their decision. Any ideas?
  2. angellonewolf

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    bristol england
    phone them

    paypal 0800 358 7911

    ebay 0345 355 3229
  3. slim_boy_fat

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    How much money is involved and how much do you want to get the item? That might dictate your next step(s).

    It might be the P.O. holding on for Customs or other duties, but they ought to have been in contact with you about this. It might be worth trying to get a reason from them

    Less than ideal, and you really ought not to be the one pursuing this, but as I say it might move the case forward. :dontknow:
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  4. jimbo84 Member

    Try giving royal mail a ring, be prepared to be on hold for a long time, they should be able to tell you what is happening and should it be lost you should be able to make a claim for a missing item from them, providing it was sent insured, as it has a tracking number it suggests it was.
  5. pedrobedro

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  6. carbon

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    I’ve just tracked it using 17 track and that’s still showing as not delivered


    From that it doesn’t look like it’s left china
  7. rtbcomp

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    Royal Mail tracking is useless. I had an item shown in transit even though it had been delivered.
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  8. snoozer

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    I agree it's still in China and has been for a while.

  9. Wozzaaah

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    Phone them. It’s all automated but when you’re asked to select which option you want just say “get human” and lo and behold, you’ll soon be talking to a real person.
    It’s a little-known trick but I can assure you it works as I did it recently after going round in circles with their options several times.
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  10. Stueeee

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    As the others have said, phone them -I had a nonsensical "in favour of the seller" result from a Paypal dispute for stuff that was never delivered.

    Once I had got the human being at the other end to look at the email etc. correspondence that the Paypal dispute people had access to all along, I got my money refunded. This experience still left a bad taste in my mouth even though the call centre agent couldn't have been more helpful when I phoned.
  11. reb78 Member

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    Paypal were useless when I had an issue with a product that failed straight after fitting (hub on the D2 that failed within 1/2 a mile). They said they didn't cover warranty issues. I had bought it some time previously so was out of the ebay protection period, the seller didn't want to know. My credit card company said they couldn't help as their transaction was with paypal. I ended up £120 out of pocket.
  12. Burdekin

    Burdekin Chief Bodger

    Contact your bank and open a case with them if no luck with PayPal.
  13. angellonewolf

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    bristol england
    i would have this out with your credit card company paypal are the same as cardnet and all the other companys that provide card services you pay the card company they take a cut then send the rest on to the seller be it tesco or joe bloggs down the road ?
  14. Morrisman

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    I’ve used RM tracking to send a cheque to New York....explained what I needed in the Post Orifice, paid for it, no problem.....

    .....except RM tracking stops functioning once it hits another country.... they simply tell you it was handed over to that countries mail system.
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  15. matt1978


    Thanks for the replys guys,

    How did you get it to display the tracking info in English?
  16. carbon

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    On iPhone with 17TRACK app the little icon translates the text.


    I assume it’s something similar on different platforms
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  17. rcx132

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    Let us know how this pans out as I like to follow Paypal cases.

    Paypal resolution is very crude, and often not fair. They base the resolutions on very over simplified rules.

    Only works if the entire payment came off the card. Expect the bank to dispute it saying Paypal is a "money sending service" and not a payment service - argue back that for all practical purposes it's a payment service as all the money came off the card (Which magazine confirm this to be a legally valid case). If the bank agrees and issues chargeback then don't be surprised if Paypal then ban you as a customer for having breached their terms (their terms forbid you from exercising your statutory rights - whilst they can't legally stop you doing so, they can ban you as a customer for doing so).

    I've followed Paypal and their policies for a very long time (17 years now). They are a very shrewd company.

    Edit: Paypal have improved over the years, but in my opinion, they improve only enough to keep ahead any major action being taken against them.
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  18. colnerov

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    Hi, Just got the same thing now, it's showing 'item dispatched, tracking number issued' on the Wed, estimated delivery Mon. Saturday at midday it comes through the letter box and still showing the same at 18.00. Good delivery service but poor tracking system.

  19. matt1978


    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all of your help/advice. I called them this morning, helpful lady at the helpdesk, checked the details from the tracking number and confirmed that nothing had arrived with me and therefore settled the dispute in my favour. Money will be credited within a couple of hours.

    To be honest, it was all very painless...called the number which someone posted on here, Automated queing system, I took the option for them to call me back rather than hanging on the line, sure enough 15 mins later, I got a call and within another 10 minutes everything was resolved. :thumbup: