Parweld181c arrived

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    Havant, Hampshire
    Looks impressive and well made so all in all I think it was a better decision over the Clarke, (theres a pic of my old trusty SIP stick welder as well) I had a bit of bad luck with MIG wire, bought a 15kg mild steel roll from oxford welding supplies and when it arrived I think someone dropped it as the plastic reel was badly broken, they replaced it and outer packaging looked fine but on opening the reel was broken again, couldn't bloody believe it, the guy at OWS was very good though, I couldn't carry this thing to the PO for a return & refund so he ended up giving a full refund and told me to keep the reel, I felt bad about it and sent him £20, I think the reel is useable so we will see, I've run wire through it and the triggers nice and soft, phoned the nearest Adams gas stockist (in Hayling Island) and the poor guy that runs it ruptured his spleen so was closed till this week, going with my son fri to pick up a 20lt C02/argon mix bottle and then some practice on the bench, got some questions regarding a 16amp feed but that'll do for another post, gonna run on a 13amp plug for now, low setting and thin metal, looking forward to this!!
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