Parker mig torches.

  1. zzr1200

    zzr1200 Working at 650 ft on open steel work

    Glapwell, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
    Are they any good?

    My EASB Compact 160 is pre euro torch connect, I'm considering fitting a conversion kit, as the torch could do with possibly replacing..

    I might be upgrading in the near-ish future to an Oxford Industrial it may make the EASB more desirable to someone looking for a mag/mig machine...

    Any feed back welcome...
  2. Hood

    Hood If it walks like a duck....

    Carnoustie, Scotland
    I have a Parker push-pull gun.
    It is reasonably well made and the only thing I dislike is occasionally the trigger will stick and I can find no reason for it doing so. I did have similar issues with the TecArc spool gun I had and again could not find the reason. As said however it is just occasionally that it happens and a quick tap will release it. I keep meaning to try some dry lubricant type spray on it but not done so yet.
    Apart from that I like it a lot.
  3. Troy Member

    Sheffield England
    We run about 14 mix of mb36 and mb501 Parker mig torchs carnt fault them tbh for 55/60 plus for an mb36 they are very good value for money I echo what Hood says you do get a very occasional trigger stick solved this by sticking some graphite dust from a pencil in one worked sweet ever since
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  4. davidjohnperry a different breed

    I'm running a parker torch ran it for about two years had no issues with it same quality as a binzal to be honest infact the mb26 I run except for the binzal being 4 or 5 meters long and the parker being 3 I couldn't tell the difference and I usually run them for ages around 27bvolts
  5. Munkul

    Munkul Jack of some trades, Master of none

    Got a Parker TIG torch the other day for my brother's TIG set, really impressed tbh. Lovely handle design and torch body, with a ball joint. Missing that leather flexible bit that the Parwelds and other premium brand torches have though - it's rubber sheath all the way to the ball joint. Easy enough to cut back and put a fabric or leather sheath on, though.

    I also have a Parker MB36 dedicated to aluminium, seems OK but only put a few hours on it in total.
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