Painting inaccessible areas/ plug welds

  1. elobire New Member

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    I was wondering what everyone's advice is for painting areas you cant reach once they have been welded to stop rust. I've seen a lot of people on youtube and such using lots of weld through primer, but I've seen discussion on here that it's not much use for stopping rust? I'm using Jotun 90 epoxy primer for everything I can reach, so is it worth trying to spray some onto it with a shutz gun, or am I just overthinking this and should just use a good cavity wax?
    I have the same question for plug weld areas like sills and such too.

    Here is an example of a patch i'm making for my chassis that has a section that's covered once I weld it in place.


    Thanks for any help.
  2. gt6s Member

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  3. Dcal

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    A good cavity wax after your finished is the best defense.

    But I tend to use a zinc rich primer (galvafroid) just on the parts that are to be welded if it has a lap (like a sill)
    My reasoning is the paint will get vaporised at the weld site (and end up in your lungs if you don't wear a mask) but whats left might provide a bit of galvanic protection and every little helps.
    If it's a butt weld I don't tend to use the galvlfroid and stick with the Jotun on the inaccessible part of the panel / patch and hope what remains gives some protection and the wax will cover the rest.
    Lashing paint in and hoping it ends up where you want / need it is not a great idea i think, better using a wax that designed for the application.
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  4. grim_d

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    Sigh, if people keep using that rubbish they will keep making it.

    There are so many excellent cavity waxes and types of penetrating/creeping CPC's that using waxoyl is just foolish.
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  5. slim_boy_fat

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    I have a tin of the original stuff, much better than the version you get now.
  6. elobire New Member

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    Thanks guys, what Dcal said makes sense to me so I'll go down that route. I was thinking about getting some Dinitrol 3125 or Dynax s50 for cavity wax.

    I've also been recommended Waxoly by a family member and almost bought some some months back but then I read a bunch of negative reviews on here about it that put me off.
  7. qwakers Member

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    if you want really crap, try carplan’s rip off of waxoyl, it is truly awful, but people buy it cos the can looks the same so people think they're buying cheap waxoyl.

    waxoyl still has its uses, there may be better out there but its cheap and readily available. i use in on my wagons cab (underside) and the chassis rails. works fine.