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    I reckon that was one of the best landrover projects ever. Pity you couldn't keep the same engine.
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    Job lot of busted pistons - are they all from the same engine? Why are they different?

    How ell did the Series go with that engine?
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    I was wondering what had happened to that - I remember it from the old LRE forum days. What is marco up to these days?

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    I could if I really wanted to, but there is still some 'sorting' to do, for example air intake system:


    Whilst near 200bhp is fun for a time it is frankly far more than you can sensibly use in a Series. I'm still torn between a 200TDi with a Series 'box and rebuilding a naturally aspired T-Series and LT77. NASP T-Series is around 140 bhp, which is quite enough and would still give around 30mpg, much the same as as a TDi.
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    Original engine came from a Tickford. It had been rebuilt by a numpty with the wrong pistons and failed.
    Rebuilt engine had NASP pistons I think. So with high compression pistons and a slightly skimmed head and whatever nasty things he had done to the turbo pressure control, he didn't expect them to last long.
    I think there was also a long argument on the Land-Rover and Rover Forums about M series conrods being better than T series ones or something.

    Frightenly fast!!!!

    Prone to popping inadvertant wheelies:

    Rear half shafts were a consumable item:


    He did a road rally with it (!) and was keeping up well with other go-faster hatchbacks until the fenland road turned htrough 90 degrees and he didn't:


    The lovingly sprayed panels weren't quite as straight afterwards:

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    It's still around!
    Want to buy the whole 'conversion kit'???

    Marko is in California working for a wind power outfit. Bought an MG Midget with a (dead) Maxda RX7 rotary in it. Now got a couple of Mazda MX5s and a big bike engine. Working on a spaceframe clad in the Midget panels with MX5 suspension bits and the 170 bhp bike engine.
    Just as mad as ever.
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    lol! no ta! I am a dieselgeek I am afraid - don't do petrol! but it sounds like fun... I have been trying to convince a friend of mine to put that engine in his TR7 but so far no luck...

    Love the idea of a midget that is light and handles well! would love to see pictures if he posts up the project.
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    MGA, MGB and Morris Marina/Ital inline installations have been done like this.
    Upteen transverse installations into Mini/Metro/200/400/25/45. Don't know of an 1100/1300.

    Maxi/1800 but should be relatively easy. Sherpa van, Austin Cambridge, Morris Oxford anyone?

    What else did B Series engines go into?

    But surely the TR7 doesn't have a B/M/O/T Series derived engine and LT77 does it?
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    I have to admit that I don't know. The idea came about as my friend was convinced that the NA version of the engine (as fitted to discovery MPI's) would mate up with the TR box. He was convinced it was an LT77, so I naturally took this to the next stage and suggested he fit the turbo version instead.

    He since bought a disco MPI, and is currently driving about in it, as he can't bring himself to break it! :lol:
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    Love the dashboard, some one had a bag of 22mm industrial panel lamps to use up!
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    Aaahh. NASP T-Series from a Disco MPi and rebuild the Sherpa LT77 instead of a 200TDi and series box..............

    Could still be tempted :whistle:
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    Yup! Freebie from his uncle who salvaged them from a scrap control panel from Weetabix.

    You missed the bicycle speedometer.
  14. Used to be a similar engined one around the Northern off Road Club comp safari's a few years ago. That always went very well.

    I say rebuild it Turbo T series!

    More than enough TDi's about and they're all high milers, long in the tooth.

    As for the man with the TR7, yes it's an LT77 box in there, one of the first uses of it I believe. So he absolutely should build the turbo engine into his car.
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    Followed Amit's comment about Practical Performance Car and found this:

    T-Series Turbo into MGB. Been done before but:

    A quick measure up around the MGB engine bay revealed that the standard T16 inlet manifold and exhaust manifolds were unlikely to fit, but Kev plans to use the similarity of the port spacing on the T16 head to the Mitsubishi Evo and Zetec heads to find a way around those problems

    Might be worth following.
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    Don't suppose you still have the spare bulkhead vent seals marko had?
    Last time Marko mailed me I mentioned I was going to make a new bulkhead for my ltwt, that must be 2003, I will start on it this year;-)
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    They might be in one of the many cardboard boxes labelled
    Land Rover 1
    Land Rover 2

    Stored variously in the shed, loft and under his bed.

    When I get around to ensuring they don't have any Jaguar bits in them AND start on the LR they might turn up.

    Probably around 2013 if my pace is as brisk as yours!

    If they do I'll PM you.
    I don't advise you holding your breath though!
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    There was a planned facelift of the TR7 codenamed 'Broadside' that used the 2 litre O-series. I know one of the major TR7 specialist stuffed one into a wedge.
  19. have you sean the mini supercharged serise one engine :D it uses a mini cooper supercharger as they wer quiet cheep on ebay becuse mini owners wer upgradeing to the copper s superchargers