Oh Bother

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    One of those oh bother moments. Making the bathroom unit (finally) after cutting and sanding and jointing it all, had a dry fit up and it all looked good. It's a bit big and as you can see the garage is a bit crowded so had a board on the workmate to assemble it on.
    Went for it, got it all glued up and squared up yesterday, got back out there today and found this.
    It's not as noticeable from that angle but it turns out I had marked up the left and center uprights then cut the joints for the shelves on the left upright from the line down and glued them on to the center upright from the line up. Made for a very slight slope to the shelves. Had to pry them off and re-glue.
    Happily I have enough clamps for the job, plus I was able to get the batons glued on for attaching it to the wall.
    There's a ply board going into the large square opening which a mirror will attach to once it's up on the wall.
    Just need to get it oiled tomorrow.
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    Easily done. Labourer nailed on 30 hangers on the wrong side of the line. Even put x on the side to be Covered
    Noticed after fitting and nailing joists with 90mm rims. Wasn't happy.

    I put an x on things all the time mark for a cut. Line for hinge. SAves me bother down the line.
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    That would be a definite coffee needed moment.
    Yup, I did have the joints marked with an X to be fair, as you say I do that on bits to be cut or that are the scrap. But in my haste the other side went out my mind a bit.
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    I put an x on offcuts and where things shouldn’t go!
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