O2 outage! What's going on?

  1. 500e

    500e Always buy fire insurance a flood is hard to start

    Somerset UK
    The coverage of EE &O2 where I live is abysmal so nothing different then, not realy worried about data etc my Nokia 702 never had it in the first place :D
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  2. angellonewolf

    angellonewolf Member

    bristol england
    used to work in old buildings never had a signal never went back to them
  3. ukracer Member

    Ah but...i have a problem they cant solve...lol
  4. Robotstar5

    Robotstar5 Casanunda Staff Member

    I can't believe how addicted some people are, I got into work this morning and some of the night shift were discussing the best SIM cards to pick up when the shops opened as their O2 phones had stopped working :confused:
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  5. Wallace

    Wallace Member

    Staines, Middlesex, England.
    I was just extra bored at work without tinternet to access.
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  6. JohnRUFC Member

    I used to work on o2 executive Complaints Resolution at the call centre in Rotherham.

    No customers will get compensation unless Ericsson pay compensation to o2. If you’re unhappy you’ve lost business because of it and you didn’t have a business account it’s your own fault. Having a contingency plan is your own responsibility, a business account may be more expensive but they compensate for loss of earnings.
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  7. dobbslc

    dobbslc Member

    Hertfordshire UK
    No sympathy there then? ^
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  8. gaz1

    gaz1 Member

    also off on lyca mobile as well today
  9. JohnRUFC Member

    32 million customers with contracts ranging from £8 to £100monthly on consumer tariffs. Monthly revenue of over £500,000,000
  10. ukracer Member

    Hope they did not go with giffgaff...lol
  11. ukracer Member

    So can i be clear? I have a business account with vodafone but have lost all the business i would have got from O2 customers who have been unable to contact me.

    Can i claim?
  12. The_Yellow_Ardvark

    The_Yellow_Ardvark If in doubt ask.

  13. WorkshopChris Forum Supporter

    South East Essex
    No as your contract is with Vodafone, not O2, how would you prove you have lost sales to o2 customers.
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  14. skotl

    skotl Forum Supporter

    Edinburgh, UK
    I have some sympathy for O2, as someone who currently and in the past has run some significant networks, but probably still at a millionth of the scale of what O2 is running.
    If it's been out for this long then it is an incredibly significant outage and people will absolutely get fired for it at some point in the very near future....
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  15. fizzy Member

    Never on where I live!
    EE is marginal.
    We had a similar outage when I was doing some work at Orange - servers going down - they had battery backups of course but no aircon backup - servers were shutting down all the time due to heat. I ended up hiring 2 big gennys and running the cables in through the ladies toilet window!
    Great contract that was - they took us on for 3 days - were there for 3 years! Not in the Ladies toilet of course :scared:
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  16. mr_splatter

    mr_splatter Member

    Buckinghamshire, UK
    This should serve as a wake-up call to the mobile industry. This is quite timely for me as I work in the industry and have recently made myself quite unpopular bemoaning the lack of testing that goes into mobile services, our reliance on them and the ability to trace faults. There has been a lot of noise today about people not being able to watch their cat videos on youtube and update facebook but the network is used for a lot more than that and is being relied on for all sorts of stuff that is coming our way like smart cities, autonomous driving etc etc. We will become increasingly reliant on these networks and I see a lot from the inside that concerns me. Funnily enough I am looking at a root cause analysis tomorrow on an outage much bigger than this in Asia that has caused huge financial penalties for the vendors.
  17. I agree, lots of security systems rely on mobile networks for monitoring.
    We are just about to roll out a system to monitor and protect lone workers in the NHS that relies on mobile networks, staff will set a status on their phone as they visit patients and change the status once they've finished the consultation, the system will flag up if they don't change their status.
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  18. Scruffywelder

    Scruffywelder Forum Supporter

    Dumfries & Galloway
    Sounds like the tracking system my partner used to use in her old job with the Scottish government.
  19. mrsbruce

    mrsbruce Forum Supporter

    Livingston, Scotland
    We can but hope.

    Always had great coverage with Vodafone, to the point of being at campsites, and having a line of folk borrowing my mobile to phone home.
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  20. The location of my small holding was a real dead zone for mobile phones with just a sketchy point in the middle of the meadow where you might get a smidgen of signal.
    I quite liked it but my business partner wasn't happy as it screwed up the on call rota!
    I tried all the major networks without success and I had just become resigned to the fact that I was going to have to purchase and install an (illegal) mobile repeater and mount it in one of the huge trees on top of my hill when I woke up on Monday morning, glanced at my phone and was shocked to see a full 5 bars of Vodafone 4G+.
    Turns out there is a benefit to them building a brand new nuclear power station within line of site of me!
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