Nordson Econocoat inconsistent powder feed

  1. Tams23 New Member

    I have this Nordson Econocoat and I can't get it to work right. With the air flow rate at about 20-30 psi and atomizing air at about 5-7 PSI, and I'm getting this random surges of powder and slight feed inconsistency. The strange thing is, even if I set the atomizer at 0, I get almost no powder coming out for 5-6 seconds - only air, and then a cloud of powder comes out.

    First of all, I have to mention that I don't have the adaptor at the end of the pick-up tube. So the pick-up is just the 2 tubes that get stuck in the powder (see pict). Vibratory box feeder works, by the way.

    Things I already checked:
    - no blockages anywhere, no kinks in the hose
    - all seals in the powder pump in good condition
    - dry air supply

    Is the missing pick-up tube adaptor enough to explain this behaviour?
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