Newby - DIY Projects

  1. beatle_bayly Member

    N.T Australia
    OK guys (and girls ??), this is really a test to see if I have the signature and avatar thing down pat !

    Feel free to take a look at my photos via link in signature below. DIY TOOLING will be the album most relavent to this forum.

    Ask any questions so you can LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES :roll:

    MALCOLM: Hope this forum gets lots of amateur traffic and I love the site. Aren't those Astons beautifully brutal.
  2. malcolm

    malcolm & Clementine the Cat

    Bedford UK
    I love your Duetto - it looks wonderful. The tail of the early Spiders has to be one of the prettiest back ends ever.

    I like the Aston - but it is huge. You need to have a big garage to own one of those, and a big wallet to pay for the petrol. Mind you, the guy who owns the car has the smallest garage ever. I'm amazed he can fit the car in there.

    The forum has been around for less than a week so far, but should pick up over the next few weeks as more people join in. Hopefully we'll be able to help people out with this site.