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    Hi, new to the forum. Sorry this is a big long...

    I have no experience welding and until recently no interest. I have brought a campervan and while it is ok it will need some welding soon and a bit more across the next couple of years.

    This has set me wondering how viable it is to learn to do this myself. My dad is not a welder but can "stick 2 bits of metal together" (his words), has told me not to bother as it's thin metal. As said I have no experience but I am a reasonably practical guy.

    I have had a look round the forum a bit and know the advice here is usually watch the videos and crack on but I was wondering if it's worth trying a days lesson I have seen advertised to get some basic knowledge and see how I get on. College courses in the evening won't work due to work commitments so a one day lesson seems the best option.

    Any thoughts on the above would be greatfully received.

    Thanks Kev
  2. pedrobedro

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    It's worth trying just to see if you have any aptitude for it. Just remember working on a bench in class is different to welding under a vehicle in adverse conditions and the majority of the work is cutting, cleaning and fabricating to get the repair ready before you even go near it with a torch. A friend of mine said you can teach a monkey to mig weld in half an hour, we tried and they don't have the concentration for it and keep knocking off for a grape break.Your other option is to save the money you would spend on tackle and a welder and get someone else to do the work but you are putting yourself in their hands and leaving yourself open to possible bodgers and charlatans.
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  3. frank horton

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    Might be somebody on this forum that’s actually welding a rusty body...near u...
    Be good to look at how it's done.....
    Cleaned up rusty - painted -sealant contaminated metal needs a skill on it's own....
    Takes a while to get in the swing and then of course u'll be doing it on ur back with ur hand up ur **** kinda thing....
    Hot metal down ur sleeve as well to boot.....hahaha...

    Worth persevering tho if u can....can save big buck's but u also need to know what is acceptable for the MOT'er's...
    Perhaps look on Facebook for ur trucks forum, they'll always help....
    I'm a member of the T4 VW forum, always welding going on there.....
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    Thanks for the advice guys.

    Some of this is around cost. Some around quality and some around a little hobby.

    I am lucky that none of the welding needed now is structural which is what made me consider trying myself.

    Is there somewhere I can look up what needs to be done for mot?
  5. slim_boy_fat

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    Google will be your friend, although there are Testers on here who might advise.
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  6. eddie49 Member

    Any corrosion that weakens the structure within 300mm of suspension/subframe attachment points or seatbelt mountings will have to be fixed.
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    Spalding Lincolnshire
    Thanks. I'm safe on that for the minute