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    Hi, been reading this forum for a couple of years now, got some great tips and help. I started out with a Clarke Mig Pro 90 a while ago, as I got a fantastic deal on a nearly new one, I was also using C02 shielding gas from my local supplier. Results have been hit & miss, most likely due to me not practicing enough.

    Anyway, I decided I want to be able to weld thicker steel sometimes, so I did a load of reading up and decided to buy a 200A Rohr inverter mig machine, plus I also switched over to using Argon/Co2 mix gas.

    I set everything up yesterday, and spent an hour practicing.... I can only say it's like night & day compared to what I've been playing with before, I can now run some lovely clean long beads, no stuttering or sticking wire. Even for a complete novice like me it's transformed the quality and ease of my welding experience :-)

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    Hi & welcome Mat :waving: Any pics?
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    I had the same when I switched from a migmate to Kemppi....a descent machine makes a big difference.

    I spent most of my time with the migmate faffing about with the controls, wire feed, burn back, wire sticking etc etc.

    Welcome to the forum...we'll be needing project pictures in due course :laughing:

    When new members ask about machines it almost seems rude to tell them get a nice machine...makes everything a lot more enjoyable.
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    Welcome aboard, Mat :waving: - this is a good place to be. :thumbup:
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    Welcome to the Forum, Mat.

    I made exactly the same switch a few years back - and have almost (but not quite!) forgotten the bad old days with the MigMate.

    Slim's right on, there - this is a good place!
    It sometimes feels as if you learn more here, than was possible back at school - despite doing metalwork, way back then.

    All the Best,
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  6. matgriff New Member

    Thanks for the welcome guys, yes I learnt a lot about how to get started and set up my welder from reading this forum, really helpful. I don't do a lot of welding, it's just that quite often there's always something that needs welding... last year it was the cutting deck on my ride on mower, and then a mate's cutting deck on a big Kubota machine, which was why I then decided to get a decent welder. This week I replaced the seat squab on my Discovery 3, when I got it stripped out I found the four captive nuts on the steel frame were all stress fractured and broken, so I just welded them all back up :-) So it's nearly paid for itself already....

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  7. metalmelt Member

    Discovery? you really do need a welder.

    Put more floors in a mates, mind you he is a farmer and it is in sh*t every day.
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