New welder Newbie questions

  1. Sparkysteve New Member


    I have purchased a 2nd hand clarke 100en turbo welder from eBay.

    Gave it the once over and got it up and running BUT need some help and advice.

    It seems to work correctly but have a few newbie questions.

    1. It came with no gas wire - should I get a regulator and gas?
    2. The welder seems to weld okay but it's a little spitty and hard to keep a constant weld. Also the arc is a yellow / white in colour I was expecting a nice blue arc. - is a yellow arc just because I am not using gas?
    3. Wire speed - trying laying down some nice welds but at wire speed 5 (as suggested in manual) and power set to switch 1 and min power for 1mm thick steel the wire feels like it is pushing the torch up and slowing down to speed 4/3 it feels and sounds better but my welds still look like bird poo. - any suggestions on how I can setup the Clarke 100en to get me started?

    I will keep practising and will post some pictures at different setting but wanted some more advice.


  2. Instructor_Nige Member

    Welding with gas is always better. But you can achieve decent welds with flux core (gasless) wire. Remember to drag not push and the polarity is opposite for flux core welding so the earth lead should be in the + positive and torch in the - negative

    There are loads of great vids on YouTube that give you the basics I would definitely do some swatting on YouTube

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  3. Sparkysteve New Member

    Thanks for the advice.

    I have progressed a lot.

    Purchased gas and wire and fitted a new liner. Also purchased a new earth clamp.

    So welding is much improved. More depth and much less splatter.

    Still finding wire feed speed is a bit hit and miss. At higher speeds it's pushing back the torch and lower speeds it's not constant.

    I suspect I need to look at the wire feed rollers to ensure a smooth feed.

    Will post some images of progress so far soon.