New welder... Need advice please.

  1. David230 Member

    Hi All,

    I am new to the forum and also to welding. I have recently purchased my first mig welder (clarke 151TE) which I think comes with everything I need to get started..

    My question is about the mains connection. The unit itself does'nt have a plug because in the manual it states 15amps. I was just wandering is there any way I can safely use a 13amp supply from say the kitchen outlet if I use the welder on lower power settings or does it not work like that?

    I also need some extension from the house to the workspace in the garden so what cable would I need for this and my dad has a reel with a large round type connector on it and looks pretty beefy dont know if that would do?

    I am really worried about using it at the moment because I dont want any surprises like cables melting, fires etc..

    I wanted to start practising before I go anywhere near my car with it but dont know if this is possible from home. I have a council garage which has all the old wires but obviously no power. I want to eventually get it suitably rigged at the garage for welding purposes..

    As you can probably tell I need all the help I can get so any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Hitch

    Hitch Moderator Staff Member

    Yes working from a 13Amp plug will be fine, and if you need to use an extension, makesure its is a beefy one as you say, and unwind all of it.
    The worst that will happen, is you blow the 13amp fuse in the plug.
    Probably handy to get a few in your toolbox :)

    Goodluck mate!
  3. malcolm

    malcolm & Clementine the Cat

    Bedford UK
    Welcome to the forum David

    I run a Clarke 155T (12 years old now) off a 13 amp plug and 13 amp fuse, and have never blown the fuse. Did have problems with the plug this year due to arcing at a bad fuse connection.

    I think the correct way to do it is to fit a round blue plug and have dedicated wiring from the fusebox. Definately make sure the extension lead be sure it is fully unwound. I've seen melted ones.
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  4. David230 Member

    Thanks guys, for the piece of mind. :)

    Welder works fine, I've just gotta learn how to use it properly now. Although the welding website has been a huge help already and slowly but surely I am improving.
  5. Matt_H Member

    I have this welder and generallyit will work fine with a 13 amp fuse. I have blown three fuses whilst learning though.. I think this is how it happens... spatter build up inside the shroud causes it to become live with the tip. Touching the shroud (or the tip for that matter) whilst welding seems to blow the fuse.. rather annoying when you are learning!

    What I've done now is to wire up some heavy duty cable directly to a consumer unit trip switch (cant rem the raiting but it's suitably low). The other end has a three pin he-man socket - the welder has the he-man plug obviously. The welder is then the only thing on the circuit with a deadicated earth and surge trip.