New MIG advice appreciated

  1. ATouchOfGas New Member

    Nottingham, England, UK
    I’m looking for a new MIG - I’ve finally had enough of my unreliable little SIP MIG.

    I’m looking to spend around £700 but could possibly stretch to £1k for the right machine.

    I’ve already got a single phase 32a outlet in the garage.

    My projects are usually with 2-4mm stock but would like to be able to work up to 8mm or higher if possible.

    I’ve been looking at the following machines to give you an idea of what I’m after:
    SIP HG2400 - surely it can’t be as bad as my baby MIG? - the duty cycle is impressive and I won’t be asking anything close.
    Clarke MIG230 TEC - good reviews and seems a fair machine for the price.
    Lincoln Electric 231C - at the top end of my budget. The numbers don’t seem as impressive as the others but the brand has been recommended to me.
  2. MoreWellie Forum Supporter

    Bedfordshire, UK
  3. tom2207 Member

    uk northern ireland
    if you dont have to carry it , lots of great choices.
  4. Pigeon_Droppings2 Forum Supporter

    £1k...that's Kemppi money. I went from a migmate to a Kemppi regrets.

    Their synergetic auto setup for mild steel, stainless and mig braze is every bit as good as it sounds in their promo video.

    I've had my Kemppi for over 8 that time they've been selling the same machine. I'm guessing they had no reason to change it....
  5. Country Joe

    Country Joe Argoshield Dark

    Somerset - United Kingdom
    And another vote for the Kemppi, here!
  6. ATouchOfGas New Member

    Nottingham, England, UK
    Thanks all for the warm welcome and helpful replies!

    I like that the Oxford is made in the UK but there’s some not very good reviews out there. It’s only got a twin roller wire feed whereas most others in this price bracket have quad rollers. Does it behave ok?

    I really like the sound of the Kemppi, what’s the maximum stock thickness the 200evo can cope with?

    I’ll have to give it another couple of months saving if I’m going to splash out on a Kemppi though.
  7. slim_boy_fat

    slim_boy_fat Forum Supporter

    Welcome aboard, ATG :waving:.

    Try a forum search, this question is asked many times with pages of comments & recommendations from those with practical experience of a wide range of machines/prices etc. ;)
  8. neutronstar64 New Member

    leicester uk
    Ive had a clarke 150 te that I bought new 30 years ago.. she looks as rough as an old dog now but still welds beautifully, ive replaced a few parts over the years to keep her tip top but nothing major, torch liners Swan necks etc and ive just replaced a capacitor off the control board after the speed dial stopped working and speed was on full.. but highly recommend the clarke welders. Im sure the big brother to mine would last a lifetime and I'm still surprised how my little 150 is easy to set up, use and produce lovely welds!
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  9. Adam Marshall Member

    Nottinghamshire England
    Jasic mig 200, mig and arc welder with 5 years warranty. I hired one just before lockdown to build something at home and it is a nice machine. Nothing fancy just volts and wire speed not synergic but you can put it in the back of your car with one hand it weighs nothing.