Need to know a good teaching video

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    I have been wanting to learn to weld for a very long time. My dad finaly told me that he would pay for me to take the classes and buy the welder because he wants to be able to have things welded for him. So i went to the local tec school to find out what kind of classes they have and the only thing they offer is a 2 year class that is 2 classes a week for 2 hours a class. I just dont have the time to take these classes. Dose anyone know a video that would teach me how to weld, or any other ideas for me to learn?
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    Hi Pulser9
    I enquired at our local colleges as well, one advised that they do not know if it will be running next term (starting September) but call again in July, another noted that they run them as demand dictates so leave a number and we'll call you.
    I acquired a welder, the safety kit and some metal. I've not mastered it yet but with help from the guys in this forum it's gettingbetter.
    Practice, practice, practice. It's quicker than waiting for the local tec to sort themselves out
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    Hunchman, those videos look great, thanks for the link. Pulser9, if you're in the UK they wont send the videos to you. They only sell to US customers AND if they're NTSC format (North American standard) even if you can get the tapes you'll have to get them converted to PAL.

    Quote: Overseas: Due to excessive delays in customs processing,
    videos will no longer be shipped outside of the U.S. or Canada.
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    3 problem I only posted this one cause it came highly far as being in uk or where ever for that matter .just do a simple search in google......."welding videos".......there are a few in there that ship free in uk........when I'm at work this week I'll try to find the ones that were kicking around there ............I'll rip them and upload them for all to see;) ...........

    the best way I describe GMAW to someone who has not done's like chasing a firefly around in a cave
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    Huchman that would be awsome if you could upload them. I searched and found a bunch of videos, but i just wanted to make sure the one id be geting would be good.
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    Most PAL VCRs around these days will play NTSC tapes, as long as your telly will accept a 60Hz signal (again, it's only really old TVs that can't).

    That said, if they won't ship over here, it's a moot point :rolleyes:
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    hi pulsar
    i think this site has a very good tutorial for the beginner, if you don't mind using a copied dvd i can send you a boc dvd tutorial, it shows you how to set the machine up properly and also shows you how to do your first few welds, it is very good and is free of charge, send me an email with postal address, , hope this helps.
    regards wicamron