My Perrin jig borer reassembly and some questions

  1. cheb Member

    Outer Hebrides
    The company concerned aren't really an online retail business geared to selling very small orders to individuals and their terms are their terms. Don't like them, go somewhere else. What grates is when people try to charge me extra when using the Royal Mail. They get told, and then I go elsewhere.

    And if we don't want online businesses to put local places out of business then we need to use the local places. At least everyone else should, on my behalf.

    Also it's not a normal nut, it's a 12mm diameter, 3mm pitch, right hand thread, trapezoidal hex nut in steel. Not the sort of thing you could buy locally I suspect. Usually I'd look on Ebay, no joy this time, they are either circular section or plastic.