My first welding experience

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    Got my welder during the week and spent Friday night messing with the settings on scrap metal in the shed so I can start the patch panel work Saturday morning. This is what I found.

    1) I was doing this in my drive and there was a bit of a breeze. what I found was I would get a good arc to start with and then it would start popping and stuttering, I was keeping the touch right up at the surface would the breeze be a factor?

    2) when I cut my patch panels there were some gaps that I thought I could fill with weld but this proved very difficult I found so I believe my patch panels need to be better fitting.

    3) I kept blowing holes mostly in an area where I had bent in a curve around the wheel arch, would this be down to me weakening the metal from bending?

    4) It was a frustrating day and in an effort to do better i think I rushed a bit so now have some nice warping to deal with.

    I went back out Sunday and took on board what my thoughts were from Saturday. I cut a more precise panel to fit, there was less of a breeze and I really took my time, two-three tacks and then a break. this was by far my best job of the four patches I welded. I have not filled on all the holes as I am scared to introduce warping into this and as this will all be body filled and sealed was thinking do I need to?

    anyway, a lot to learn, and I'm sure I will improve but feeling a bit frustrated today. any comments welcome.
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