Murex Transtig 375s

  1. Dominic Muscat New Member

    Gozo, Malta.
    Hi, I own this Transtig 375s which I have bought brand new in 1994/95. It has worked more than fine till now. Lately the current has dropped to just a faint spark and the current does not rise neighter from the machine control nor from the remote control. My electrician says the tis a problem with the PCB. Can I get a PCB and at what price?
    I don't want to scrap such a brilliant machine for a PCB. Please help.
  2. eddie49 Member

    Murex is now owned by ESAB. You could try to contact them, in case they still have parts for these machines.
    Maybe Westermans still have parts, or could arrange to have your PCB repaired:
    The manual, including basic circuit diagram, is here: Manuals/Transtig ACDC275S-375S.pdf

    Do you have welder supply and repair shops?
    Is there visible damage on the PCB - burnt components or tracks? Has the fault been identified to a specific component on the board?
    Are there any local general electronics repair companies who could check the basic functionality of all the passive & active components on the board?
  3. Dominic Muscat New Member

    Gozo, Malta.
    Hi Eddie. Thanks for your useful information.
    There is no visible damage to the board or other components and the electrician is suspecting the problem is with the IC but not 100per cent sure.
    I don't think there are repair companies for this type of jobs in Malta. The electrician that I have hired is qualified in electronics repair , and I guess that I have the top person on this job in this country. I will get in touch with the contacts that you suggested.
    Many thanks.
  4. eddie49 Member

    Looking at the circuit diagram: I'm not sure if this has already been done, but I would start at the two silicon controlled rectifiers ( SCRs, thyristors ) SCR1 and SCR2 - are they getting trigger pulses on their gates?
    Then I'd look at the current shunt circuit SH1 , where the output current is measured and feedback sent to the current control circuit.