MOT fail forces return to the 80's

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    Hi guys and girls :D

    I used to be a mechanic back in the 80's and went to college to do a part 1 Gity & Guilds course in Motor Vehicle Mechanics which is where I learned how to weld with a stick welder before working in a garage for 6 months. Jump forward 10 years and I got frustrated with stick weldng and threw in the towel on fixing my van which I scrapped and haven't welded anything since.

    Cut to 1 month ago when I found out my MOT had run out and then it failed on Brake pipes, a ball joint and the rear sill ends on both sides, the brake pipes and ball joint I can do but ended up getting a quote of 3 hours (approx £150) of welding from the garage. Cheched the finances and realised that I can't afford to pay someone to fix the car so ended up buying the chepest MIG welder I could find on ebay, was looking at getting a 2nd hand Clark 151 but chose instead to get a beand new welder to be safe so I have a JUBA Mig 100 IP21 on the way which whould arrive the day after tomorrow.

    I hope that the job is an easy one and that I get to grips with the Mig welder, I've watched loads of videos so think I should be OK but just incase I start to struggle I figured I would register and say HI.

    Does anyone have any experiance with the sill ends on a Mazda 323f 1991 BG?
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  2. Carl Wilson Member

    Welcome to the forum. I'm sure there will be somebody here who can help you.
  3. frank horton

    frank horton V twins are great but 4"s rule.........

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    best advise is to make sure back to clean rust free metal.....sometime even if rust free on the OUTSIDE it will have corrosion on the inside making the sill quite thin......
    best to get a few off cut from a skip or sheet metal shop and practice the welding........
    THEN try welding laying on the floor doing it upside down and over ya head.........hahaha......loads'a fun.....
    good luck......
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    Can you post a few photos of the area that needs welding?
    If you were only quoted for 3 hours work it might not be too bad but it is usually a lot worse than it looks.

    O and welcome to the forum.
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  5. eddie49 Member

    Hello and welcome to the Forum. I wish you the best of luck in this project; it certainly will not be easy but you can count on plenty of encouragement and good advice here, and after you finish and get that MoT, you will have a great feeling of satisfaction, and have gained a new skill.
    I have to say this, it's probably too late now, but it would have been good if you had registered here and asked for suggestions first, before deciding on your MIG purchase. Starting with MIG welding on a project like this, welding thin rusty metal upside-down under the back of a car - probably with gasless flux-core wire - would be a challenge even for experienced welders. To have the best chance of success, you need a capable machine that will help you, rather than put you off at the first hurdle. That JUBA Mig 100 goes from 50 to 90 Amps in 4 steps. The lowest setting, of 50 Amps, is going to make it really difficult to avoid burning-through on thin metal. Ideally, half that power setting - 25 Amps - would be a good starting point. Worse, according to the data plate on the machine, the output is AC: the electrical circuit function symbol shows two overlapping circles - a transformer - but no rectifier! Gasless flux-core MIG welding is hot, dirty, and splattery, but on AC rather than DC, it will be a really tough challenge. Is there any chance you can still cancel your order for that machine?
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    ^^^^^ If those are the specifications for the machine you have ordered, I would agree cancelling the order and looking for a used Clarke would be the best option. If you can ask for a demonstration of the used welder before agreeing to buy it, not what you wanted to hear if you need the car back on the road as soon as possible. :(
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  7. Wozzaaah

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    Sorry to say but I’m going to agree with the others, you should have bought that Clarke.
    That machine you’ve bought will make the job hard work.
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    My advice, Listen to these guys, they know what they are talking about.
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    as said by all above 50amp is a no no on car stuff cancel it and get a clarke you need a gas mig not gasless one
    laid on our back with a load splatter dropping down
    not nice
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  10. aguycalledsteve

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    I can see history in post #1 repeating itself. It will be horrible doing that thin stuff on a gasless mig.

    Cancel that order and get the Gas Clarke. You'll thank us for it.
  11. Wightsparks

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    .. and TBH once you start getting a helmet, regulator, wire, consumables and a decent tank of gas on top of even a cheap Clarke then £150 to do the job - which is going to be a royal pain without a lift, starts to look like a bargain!
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    Welcome to the forum Paddy - wise words from the lads there ^^ :thumbup:
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    Tend to agree with wight sparks, i got into welding trying to fix the merc, i easily spent the price of the quote, but then i have plans to use it and restore another car, so it seemed the right thing. If your just trying to save a bit of money and not weld again then i would go with the quote, especially when you add in sheet metal filler and paint? But its nice having the toys "just in case"
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  14. bricol Member

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    You can weld gas with gasless - I did it with an SIP Turbo 150 for over 25 yrs - including 15 yrs before I read on here the welder itself was crap ;) It does need more cleaning up afterwards, and more care in use.

    The benefit if you get reasonably good it - when you do swop to gas, your welds will look pretty spectacular :)