Mobile scale stands

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    Northampton. UK
    A couple of mobile scale stands, they will be used as a checkweigher on a chemical production line.
    this was one of those "design it around what me and my customer could find in our stock" jobs,
    Base plate is a 400 square 12mm thick footplate left over from a stainless platform, top frame from offcuts of 50 x 25 and the legs from 30 x 30 box, and some bits of 100 x 3 flat for the plates inside the top frame.

    I didn't take any pictures of building the top frame but I've shown similar things previously,

    Fabbing it up, legs are positioned over the holes in the corner of the plates, its upside down here.

    Nice pretty coloured weld for those of you into that kind of thing

    And the basic frame built

    Now for some wheels,
    First make up some plates with M10 nuts welded on

    And weld them over the holes with the nut inside, a rub with a rotary wire brush tidies things up,

    The scales come with a mounting bracket for the head and the battery, so that was welded direct to the frame, the load cell has three adjustable feet, these are located in some rings welded to the base plate

    Next a sheet metal cover, this is 1.5mm, the hole cut out with a thin cutting disk, and finished to size with a flap disk, then bent up on the flypress.

    And finished, the top is fixed on with a couple of button head screws, surplus cable hidden under the top cover

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