Migatronic LDH 160

  1. Fitter Zsolt New Member

    Hungary - Győr
    Dear All,

    I am new on this Forum, however I find it very interesting and useful.

    I am collecting for my hobby various welding machines, even ones out of order and attempting to repair it.

    Recently I have acquired a Migatronic LDH 160 machine, where the switch module is missing.

    Do you have any one such module or advise on replacement parts.

    As I understood the "transistors" are a bit special in this machine.

    Any feedback on this machine would be welcome


    "Fitter Zsolt"
  2. eddie49 Member

    Zsolt, Jó napot and welcome to the forum !
    The LDH 160 is an inverter, so I assume you mean the main inverter power board, with IGBTs or MOSFETs, is missing?
    The manufacturer, or a company that repairs inverter welders, may be able to supply a new or repaired board, but that will be expensive.
    You could buy a second "spares or repairs" machine, and make one good one out of two.
  3. Fitter Zsolt New Member

    Hungary - Győr
    Hi Eddie,

    apologize for late reply, I was on a vessel.
    Correct I mean the IGBT powerboard, what the manual is referring as switch module.
    It is obvious that economically is challenging to repair the aforesaid machine, however if I could get a such spare / machines I would interesting.
    Just as a project to bring back into life an otherwise good machine.