Migatronic KDX 250 wire feed problem

  1. Greivi New Member

    Hello folks,

    So my welder broke, and i was hoping to get some help from this forum.
    Welder is Migatronic KDX 250, oldie.

    Has been working very well, sometimes it wont cut power out (wire not feeding but if you touch wire to ground it will spark) but rarely.

    Tonight i was weldin a pipe and first i discovered that gas shut off becouse seam did get crappy.
    Then it was all out, nothing happened. No wire, no gas, no Klonk from contactor.
    So i tested few parts, pcb is getting voltage and green light is on. Pcb is getting triker from handle.
    It will weld if i push contactor but it wont feed wire. All fuses are ok.

    Pcb is on the table now, its a 76116983 MPS-STD
    Capacitors look nice, no cold solders or cracks, tested MOSFETS (??) and i get some reading from them.
    No burn marks etc...

    Does anyone have ideas what next ? where to buy new PCB or fix it ?
    Welder has been inside house but exposed some cold temps, can that make problems ?
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