mig wires

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    :? hello again, since i`m new to this sparky thing, i want to ask a couple of questions, and please, keep in mind that i`m new. 1-what is the diference between .030, 035 wires. 2-wich one is stronger, if i want to weld 3/4 pipe to build a mini chopper frame, wich one should i use? my welder is a flux welder,90 amps, can i weld aluminum with it? thanks in advance for any help. louie
  2. malcolm

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    The smaller wire diameter will be better for welding steel less than 2mm thick. It melts more easily so lets you use a lower current.

    It's not possible to weld Aluminium with fluxed wire (as far as I'm aware). Best to use TIG or gas welding, or a MIG welder using argon gas.