MIG 'spot' welding

  1. happy jack Member

    I'm going to start practising some MIG 'spot' welding on some pre-drilled steel. It's about 1mm as the car panels I'll eventually be doing. Has anybody got a gas Clarke 151TE (as mine). I've been doing a reasonable job butt welding on Power 2 'MIN' & wire speed 6.5, with CO2/Argon mix. I'm advised power and speed should be cranked up for 'spot' welding. Any advice would be much appreciated. Also is it centre outward or from outside to centre with the torch?
  2. malcolm

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    Bedford UK
    If I was plug welding two bits of 1mm steel I'd tend to weld at the power and wire speed setting I'd use for seam welding 1.5mm steel (up a notch on the power and up about 0.5 on the wire speed (my wire speed control is quite sensitive) Not sure what that setting would be on your welder.

    There are some tips about the technique on http://www.mig-welding.co.uk/plug-weld.htm