MIG LEVEL 3 PIPE 3268-03

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    Manchester U.K
    Having passed Level 3 MIG plate earlier this year at Burnley college i'd be interested to know of any other colleges within the North West offering Level 3
    At this present time there is only one person (me) signed up to take either Level 3 TIG or MIG pipe, the college needs a minimum of 6 people in order to run the course. Noticed Leeds offer the course at £922 which is way off the scale however, i may take level 1 gas welding at Leeds then proceed onto level 2. Tameside college in Ashton is where i taken MIG, ARC, TIG (mild steel) TIG aluminium & stainless steel, it's a good college and all the tutors are spot on... 9f - Warren Martin (Welding) (1).jpg
    Most welders choose only to become qualified up to level 2 then get coded, this must be why so many colleges choose not to offer level 3. Having said that Leeds offers level 3 and Manchester does not, can't be a shortage of qualified welders and mechanics in Manchester (try finding a mechanic qualified in both engineering & welding) Unlike Lancashire, Yorkshire was very much the heart of all English engineering and in my opinion is very much more finer of the two counties...fish+chips in beef dripping = quality.