Maybe I'm crazy

  1. mrmdpc Member

    Norwalk, CT
    Can I have some honest feedback?

    I've never welded but I am restoring a car with enough rust to make me think of taking it up. (It isn't worth what it would cost to send it out)

    Can I expect to be able to learn "on the job" with some video and written instruction or am I more likely just going to hurt myself in the process?

    I have the patience and I think I'm reasonably mechanically inclined.
  2. rickoty Member

    Fife Scotland
    Your not mad mate. I'm doing the same, just got myself a mig and I'm learning now. I reckon it's gonna take quite a while before I get near any car metal though! And you shouldn't hurt yourself, I havn't yet and if there's a possible way to get hurt I usually find it!:p

    I have 2 rusty cars and decided it would be not only cheaper but far more satisfying in the end to have done it myself.
  3. RobIsaacson Member

    Better to learn off the job and get better on.
    Obtain plenty of the material you intend to use and practice,practice, practice.
    I'm here for similar reasons, an old car with a spot of rust and there is likely to more in the years to come so might as well learn.
    To avoid getting hurt, think about what you're doing and think about the risk. Make any necessary adjustments and go for it.
  4. mrmdpc Member

    Norwalk, CT
    thanks for the encouragement.

    I guess its just a matter of getting to it then.

    I'm sure I'll be back looking for help.

    Until then