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  1. Brad93

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    a question for @matt1978 but I thought it might well be interesting for the forum to see.

    I’ve got this part which I repeatedly weld. I currently use tig but we would like to use MIG - but we only want one start/stop. Que turntable.

    I’ve just attempted to use this little piece of junk from China that was bought by the company contracting me - they haven’t taken into account the RPM’s required.

    Can I expect to get a good result on this joint using an S3, maybe 0.8mm wire and a small Lorch turntable.
    Pulse so no spatter and a nice smooth weld?
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    Hi Brad,

    There is no real advantage to using the 0.8mm wire unless you was going to use one of the modiefied short arc processes such as SpeedCold. If you want to use SpeedPulse then try it with the 1.0mm wire to begin with. Provided that the fit up it the same all of the way round there is no reason why you won't be able to achive some nice results. Just keep the arc length fairly short, especially if you are going to run at high surface speeds.
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