Kemppi Kempact Pulse 3000 - any good?

  1. knighty Forum Supporter

    it's a while away bit I'll have a lot of stainless to do sooner or later

    after asking for lots of advice here planning to use the dual shield flux cored wire

    and a mig with pulse option would be much better than mine so I've been keeping an eye out for one

    is a Kemppi Kempact Pulse 3000 any good / good for what I want?

    the stainless wire is 1.2mm, but I guess not all wire because of the flux core?

    will have a bunch of 3mm and 5mm stainless to weld

    (I don't want to spend a fortune because the mig I have did a decent job with the flux cored wire... just looking to see if I can improve it much)

    (I have 3 phase here)