Jotun 87 AL Colour?

  1. Gopherit New Member

    Having read a lot of the theads on here on use of Jotun 87 , I have now used it for the 1st time. Putting it onto bare metal suspension parts and spraying (Standard air spraying, HVLP Gravity gun, 2.5 tip, 40psi at the gun, 4:1 Jotun/Hardener with 15% #17 thinners). Sprayed very easily.

    My question is, what sort of colour have others achieved with this paint? Mine have turned out as a very nice grey but I having to use a lot of imagination to see any aluminium/silver. This is after very well stirring the paint with 2 different shapes of stirrer in electric drill and then "picking" paint with a scoop from the bottom of the 4L Jotun can.

    I had hoped for more silver content, but see pics.
    • P1280422.JPG
    • P1280425.JPG
  2. fizzy Member

    It has sprayed nicely - but much thinner than usual so you will need several coats.
    I have yet to use my Jotun but the Leigh's epigrip epoxy aluminium I used years ago did have a silver finish.
    Remember though aluminium powder can often have a dull grey colour

  3. Roberto Member

    Glasgow Scotland
    I think the aluminium refers to small particles of it within the body of the paint not the colour. Why is there a USA spellcheck? I thought I was avvin a stroke
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