Jasic PFC 180amp 110v-240v

  1. Benterrier Member

    UK Hereford
    Got this home today, Fitted a plug and tried it out on a few varying thicknesses of mild steel, 2.5 & 3.2mm 6013 rods. This is my first inverter so can't compare it against anything else, found the arc very smooth and easy to start, should make my diy efforts that much easier.
    As there wasn't a case with this particular package I'm looking for a suitable box so it doesn't get knocked around, maybe one of those plastic wheel along tool boxes.
    The only thing I can fault at the moment are the plastic feet it sits on, they are recipe for disaster if the unit is slid or put down a little heavy on concreate floors, some rubber pads needed I think.
    Registration was straight forward to enable to qualify for the 5 year warranty.
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