Jasic advice page??

  1. Rogweld New Member

    Worksop, UK
    Hi, I think this is the wrong place to post this question but can't see where else I would.

    I'm looking for some advice on Jasic tig welders and foot pedals.
    There isn't a Jasic section in the welders and welding machines forum.

    Can anyone point in the right place to post about this please?
    Admin please delete if not allowed.

  2. Hood

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  3. Rogweld New Member

    Worksop, UK
    :ashamed: my bad, can't see for looking:doh:

    Thank you!
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  4. Wozzaaah

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  5. Rogweld New Member

    Worksop, UK
    I've just spoken to Jasic and think I've found my problem.

    I'll mention it here anyway.

    I have a Jasic TIG200P AC/DC analog.

    I have a foot pedal for it which has a dial on the side.
    The foot pedal seems to over ride the amp settings on the tig set. I can turn the peak and basic current down as low as it will go (20A & 10A) and when you put the pedal flat down it will pull 200A.

    I would expect the dial to adjust the sensitivity of the pedal but it doesn't. It seem to directly control the amps. Basically, whatever I turn the pedal dial to, irrespective of the settings on the set, it will output.
    So half way on the pedal dial - 100A and so on.

    I'm far from an expert/professional so forgive my naivety on this next point.

    On researching the pedals on google, there appears to be 2 different coloured dial centers. Mine is yellow, the ones I have found are orange.
    Are there different models of this pedal that is identified by the dial colour?

    According to Jasic, I appear to have a JFC-08 which is the incorrect pedal for my set.
    The one I should have is a JFC-01

    I'm drawing a conclusion that this is the problem and why it seems to be acting weird.

    Has anyone had an experience like this?

    What I don't want to do is fork out for another pedal only to find it does similar.

    Does anyone have this machine and how do you rate it?