Jacobs Rubberflex collets

  1. fizzy Forum Supporter

    I am looking for a collet chuck and collets for my L1 fitting old colchester triumph.
    L1 is very hard to find. There are a few L0s about but no good to me.
    I don't want something with a backplate.

    Ideally 5C but they are even harder to find and silly money. There are a few Hardinge type 3L chucks around but the collets are very rare and very expensive.

    Then I came across the Jacobs Rubberflex. There are quite a few chucks on Ebay USA for sensible money. And the collets are fairly cheap and available in the UK.
    I know rubberflex collets have a great grip range but what is accuracy like? The whole point of collets is to be as accurate as possible.
  2. Hopefuldave Intergalactic pot-mender

    The Shed of Danger, surrey, England
    IIRC the crucial bit isn't the rubber, it's the tapered steel plates the rubber holds together - if they're not worn/damaged the accuracy is as good as Jacobs could make 'em, probably on a par with ER collets that AREN'T made to lowest price in China?

    Dave H. (the other one)