if I wanted to make a rolled edge on 2mm aluminium sheet...

  1. MoreWellie Forum Supporter

    Bedfordshire, UK
    Trying to make up my mind how to produce a case around something, probably in 2mm thick aluminium sheet

    I will probably need to roll one edge to one of the shapes below, haven't decided yet which shape

    the roll part of the edge would want to be about 10mm inside diameter rolledge.png
    i thought about using a steel rod and cutting a slot but as I would want this across a sheet about 350mm wide I don't think there would be enough strength left in the rod to bend the aluminium without twisting the rod

    or more likely there wouldn't be enough strength in me to twist it :laughing:

    This would be a one off so I was trying to avoid the need to produce some tooling to do it in a press although it may be possible to do something quite basic with square and angle iron and then pushing a rod into it

    any other suggestions?
  2. gaz_moose Member

    tamworth staffordshire
    make a wooden former, clamp it to the work piece and tap the lip over.
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  3. tom2207 Member

    uk northern ireland
    have a practice over a bit of angle , shouldnt be too tricky . ,, if its curved round a wheel arch it will be trickier , but not too bad ,,,
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  4. Dcal

    Dcal Forum Supporter

    Antrim Northern Ireland
    You could make that very easily with a folder, if you have or know someone that has one.
    Mine can overbend to make a safe edge and then clamp it to close the wrap or tap it down with a hammer and dolly.
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