Hydraulic press

  1. RichardM Member

    After @Screwdriver showing what a press could do in the way of bending I was thinking of buying a #2 fly press. Well I found 2 part meant it was able to exert 2 tons force. Aldi were selling off the small bottle jacks before lockdown so I bought one as you do!
    5MT capacity bottle jack, bits of steel from when I used to go to work (skip diving :D). Why not make a small hydraulic press which I could dismantle for storage.
    Some of the raw materials

    I love my Aldi bandsaw :hug:

    Drill some 16mm holes 100mm apart for the location pins, the step drill gave 15.92mm hole so they were finished reamed to 16.

    All drilled for location pins ready to clean up for welding.


    Mock-up welded together and testing - no deflection on the beams and no more movement out of the jack:thumbup:
  2. RichardM Member

    Altering the jack to work up-side -down, a piece of plastic tube pressed into the pickup hole and notched in the other end so it picks up about 10mm from the "top"


    Skimmed the bottom of the jack flat in the lathe.


    Location pins made from 16mm EN16T with a small taper on one end


    Welded the jack mounting plate and a couple of return spring holders on the upper beam.

  3. RichardM Member

    Well after having a new garage door and bit of a sort out and clean up I got back to my press build.

    When putting the return springs on the jack takes too long to pump when upside down, so I stripped the pipe out of the jack to run it RWU.
    Of course this means that I have to change the design, thicker top plate welded on with location ring for the jack and a piece of box section also welded in to stop any possible splay of the angle.
    Slide made for the jack to bolt to, needs jack base plate welding on and drilling for centre pin. Plus return spring holders welding on.

    I also put a bracket on the top beam to take a bolt and keep everything square.

    If anyone has some trampoline springs they want to get rid of please let me know.
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  4. premmington

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    Your quote - "Altering the jack to work up-side -down, a piece of plastic tube pressed into the pickup hole and notched in the other end so it picks up about 10mm from the top"

    Now that is a good idea :clapping:
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  5. RichardM Member

    Oh err, r nice white paint makes it look a lot better!

    unfortunately it gets scraped off when you use it!


    Jack's the right way up now, it is easier to operate when pulling the handle down rather than pushing up and seemed to be retaining a slight bit of air in the ram/pump when upside down.

    Return springs off old angle poise lamps as I had some in a box in the garage!

    Just need to get a couple of bits of 2" 3mm angle for some feet when things get more back to normal (ie off cuts bin).
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  6. tom2207 Member

    uk northern ireland
    very smart job
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  7. chris pruteanu Member

    Top notch work there, however a separate cyl and hand pump from one of them body pulling kits would have made more sence and you wouldnt loose much room due to the size of the jack...but if its working for you...
  8. Wallace

    Wallace Member

    Staines, Middlesex, England.
    On the jack piston barrel, is there a small drilling near the top? On the bottle jacks I have dismantled this drilling is a pressure relief to stop the piston pushing all the way out, upside down without the springs the piston could come out if there is no physical stop added.
  9. RichardM Member

    Piston appeared to be stopped from coming all the way out by the top nut.
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  10. RichardM Member

    but that would have meant buying something else :o Total cost £5.99 for the jack, £2.25 for the EN16T, welding consumables and a bit of paint. Everything else came from my "steel from the works skip pile" so under a tenner all in :thumbup:
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  11. Pilzy

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    Warwickshire. England.
    Got a load of trampoline springs here and would be honoured to donate to such a great build/tutorial Sir.

    If you wanna PM your address I`ll get them in the post for you. How many you need/want?
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  12. RichardM Member

    Apologies @Pilzy, I've only just seen your post. I've been concentrating on concreting a base for the small shed I'm just moving 3ft along so I can get a window in the garage!

    Either two or four should be sufficient I think, I'll drop you a PM.
  13. Pilzy

    Pilzy Member

    Warwickshire. England.
    Cool, I`ll get them in the post for you.