How do I approach this little problem?

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    Hi all, im currently trying to restore a 1971 Bedford CF Dormobile and am trying to do as much as possible myself.
    however im new to welding and as such not knowing better brought an arc welder, hopefully as you can see in the photo attached that i made a bit of a mess and blew holes in the metal quite frequently.
    I am now going to get a mig welder, and practise practise practise before i go near the old girl again.
    what i would really like to know is, what should i do about the piece in the photo?, should i cut it out completely or try and plate over it again.
    hopefully youll read this Malcolm, ive seen on your website that you have been cuttingout old rusty metal and replacing with new on the restore projects.
    any advice is greatly apprieciated
    thanks in advance

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    Hi Mark, welcome to the forum. I hope the whole van isn't that rusty. :roll: Stick welders do tend to be better for thicker metal. You'll find a mig much easier.

    Keeping a reference to get all the bits and pieces back into the same place tends to be the trickiest thing. I think I'd probably cut just enough floor off to access the side panel, make a repair to the side panel with a flange at the bottom in the right place for the edge of the floor to sit on, then cut out the messy bits of floor and weld in a new section.

    Try to avoid making areas double skinned by adding patches - these trap water and rust very quickly. Leaving small overlap of maybe 1/2 inch will make the repair easier to weld, but will need seam sealing. I try to make the repair look like the original with all the seams in the right place. Makes it easier to replace panels later on.

    You'll probably need a 130 amp welder to cope with the chassis on one of those. One with the gas bottle would be easiest to work with, but it you have to work outside where it's breezy then gasless wire might be the best option.
  3. mark fleming

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    Thanks Malcolm, the only other bad bit is the n/s step, its more or less gone away from the body, but will do that when im a bit better at welding