Hi from Barnsley!

  1. VinnyE New Member

    Barnslaey, South Yorkshire. UK
    Hello everyone!
    I have been looking around for some time now - reading posts from other Newbies and the replies from the Experienced folk in order to make some decisions!
    I have had some experience with gas welding and cutting and Arc welding - but nearly 40 years ago - so will have forgotten most of it!
    I have bitten the bullet and ordered an Uptime Mig160 welder directly from Uptime in Aberdeen on 12th June.
    I have not received it yet, so have emailed them today to ask when I can expect it?
    I intend to use it for small / thin metal jobs eg. motorcycle petrol tanks.
    From other posts it seems BOC Argoshield 93 / 5 / 2 mix is ideal?
    Is there anywhere else who does this mix on non rental?

    What size connection is on the Uptime for the gas supply? I have looked at the specs and other posts - but missed it or not seen it?

    I believe that someone suggested a 2 stage regulator in order to save gas? Have I understood this correctly?

    I am sure that I will be asking more questions soon - so be kind please!