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  1. Matt W New Member


    Newbie and a beginner. I've been intersted in picking up welding as a skill as like working on old cars so I'm here to learn.

    I would be really intersted in working with someone (for payment of course) in Hertfordshire on my mk2 Golf where I could partake and learn on my own car too.
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    Welcome to the fourm im sure someone on hear may be able too help you. :waving:
  3. gaz1

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    I can assure you you wont learn that way

    first off consider this look at your holes then widen them to get to good metal this is what you would consider the hack job ripping out the old for the new

    a really messy job rubbish in your eyes not in the mood for people

    teaching a person is not going to be good in this position

    so tools you need is grinder, recip saw debure tool for cleaning metal cant remember exact name and drill for it

    have you got a welder ? i presume not

    now im going to be straight here

    want you want is a cheap job as your helping my honest opinion i dont have time for you

    ive done the cutting and grinding ive done the building of the plates to be rewelded then ive rewelded them for the vehicle

    im telling you now its not the thing you should be learning upon

    sorry for being blunt here over 1.000 for this job

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    Evening mate, welcome.

    Watch youtube, read advice here, watch the tutorials.

    Buy everything you need now!

    Chances are youll, have time coming up soon to do it.

    Start a thread / post on your project.

    You'll get lots of fine advice. Believe me.

    You've found a fine forum.