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  1. Migsvagen New Member

    Hi everyone.
    I have just purchased a Clarke 151te
    with a cheeky vat free code of a kind member of the forum.
    I now need to get set up and want to get a decent size gas bottle (Argon /Co2 )
    I have seen them on a recommended website but don't know how to adapt from
    the baby bottle set up that comes with the Clarke.
    Also stuff like regulator to bottle size are they all same etc.
    and a flowmeter in the set up ?
    I'm going to be doing bodywork eventually so best wire size?
    There will be more questions v soon no doubt lol
  2. atomant48

    atomant48 Member

    Salisbury UK
    Here’s mine on the same welder. Can’t remember what the bottle size is but it’s About the size of a fire extinguisher (which I guess is as long as a piece of string ) from boc. Prices went up recently but about 50 for the year from memory and about 30 for the fill.
    Regulator was from weldequip on here and I’m pretty sure it came with the little adaptor to allow the plastic tube to just push in.

    Looks like I need to give it a clean looking at those pics.
    The other thing I can’t recommend enough is upgrading the earth lead. Again I got one from weldequip and connected a push in plug (dinse?) to the front panel. It makes a huge difference to the weld. It just wires into the existing cable inside the welder itself.
    Hope that helps.

    33C1B669-0E6F-4CA3-94F5-59383B40E053.jpeg E63522FC-6954-4EFE-B7FB-85D0A889EBCE.jpeg
  3. Migsvagen New Member

    Thanks atomant
    Pics are always handy too.
    I will check out the earth leads for sure.
    Checking out Weldequip now.
  4. Wightsparks

    Wightsparks Forum Supporter


    Re gas
    pay deposit once for the bottle (about £65) , plus around £40 for a refill/first fill. Money back less £10 on the bottle.

    Other similar options are available

    To compare like with like the volume of gas is cylinder size x pressure (bar) - so Hobby weld is 9L cylinder x 137 bar = 1233L or (conveniently) 137mins of flow at 9L/min which is about average.

    Lidl have a auto helmet coming up this Sunday - get one if you don't have one.

    I have always used 0.8 wire but just done my first 1mm bodywork and got on much better with 0.6 - people on here are fans of both. I would go 0.8 and learn on 3mm minimum, try it on thinner and switch if you have to.

    Need a grinder and flap discs to clean off the metal - don't try to weld painted/galvanised metal.
  5. Migsvagen New Member

    Thanks Wrightsparks .
    Much appreciated.
    The equation is ideal for comparing.
    I have plenty of flapper discs etc and a grinder.
    I snagged an auto darkening helmet the other day.
    Quite excited now.