Help with my SwiftCut !

  1. Ged93 New Member

    Good evening to everyone from Italy

    I'm new here as I was looking around the net for some solutions regarding our swift cut 1,5*3 plasma table , so I decided to sign in looking for some help .

    Well , the machine has a Hypertherm 65 generator and we cut from 3 mm to 20 mm thickness steel , 65 is not the perfect for 20 mm but works great now as we don't cut all day long .

    So here what happens : I was cutting a square plate , 20 mm , ( but happens also on 8 , 10 , 15 mm ) that was fine , on the next one ( all in one program ) the torch touches the plate , then the arc turns on , shower of sparks , and nothing happens , so I come back to the G00 Z00 line manually , set next line , run , and the head makes a bad noise , then runs fast at the same point , goes down and crash , the torch moves out from the gantry and machine stops .
    I do the same again and the torch starts to cut only the surface but it stays so close to the plate , generator shows only 30 amps .

    Also happens that torch cuts fine the first plate ( 20 mm ) , then on the next one it starts to cut but it gets dirty because of scrap metal coming out and then it blocks , comes out from gantry , error and here we are back again .

    It seems there is some trouble with torch height automatic set up and it seems it gets in error with amp values somehow , and we have noticed that same happens when we manage the nesting moving manually parts around the sheet , maybe there is something wrong inside software or any set up value .

    Does anyone had these problems ?

    These machines are fine talking about the mechanics but the software and nesting are not fine , my god , maybe the engineer who has developed them was drunked , maybe the should spend more time at customers shop listening some good blasfemies and strong words so they could understand ...

  2. Brad93

    Brad93 M J B Engineering

    It’s because you’re piercing 20mm when a Hypertherm 65 is only meant to pierce 16mm plate if it has THC
  3. Ged93 New Member

    Thank you , well it happens also when cutting 8 , 10 , 12 , 15 mm , that's why I don't understand what's going on , always problems with auto Z set up when torch turns on and amps problems ( sometimes generator shows 30 or 45 amp while cutting 10 or 15 mm ) , or sometimes starts to cut but just scratching the surface without passing through , or cuts through and then turns off , or cuts with wrong Z distance then stops for torch stack fault , even if programs and values are correct .

    Last week I was cutting a 8 mm square plate , 2 edges on Y were cut but the others on X just scratched the surface ....

    It seems also that libellula generates some kind of issues if I move around pieces in the nesting page to adapt parts on the sheet ( sometimes nesting makes big mistakes so I need to modify it manually ) .

    For 20 mm my dealer made me a custom table so while programming I can choose 20 mm thickness , and it works pretty fine even if 65 is not recommended , anyway I'm considering the 85 or 105 ... I know ...

    Any idea ?

    My dealer is coming next week but I need to solve now , if possible
  4. Hitch

    Hitch Moderator Staff Member

    We used to have the problem you mention once in a blue moon, I know the z axis sound you mean.

    Try putting the earth on the plate, and grinding a tiny bit clean where the torch will start...
    Delete the gcode, manually reference the z axis and try again.
    If that doesn't cure it, try closing the software, re nest the part and create new g code for it and try again.
  5. Ged93 New Member

    Yes at the moment we know a couple of tricks to restart when torch stops or when interrupted cut occurs , but my target is to find the reason/source of these problems , if possible .
    Wrong factory values ? Height sensor fault ? Head fault ? Software ? Did you know anyone that solved it ?

    Sometimes we get really mad with this machine , and oviusly it happens always when we are in a hurry with a lot of parts to cut .

    I understand that SwiftCut is not Trumpf , but I was hoping for a minimum of reliability when purchased ..... I'll keep in mind for next future machine investments ....