Help with 10mm round stock

  1. TimSchofield New Member

    Somerset UK

    I just bought my son a Clarke 115N Easi-Arc Welder to get him started and all was going well unil he tried to make a grate for the BBQ with 10mm round stock. The problem he is having is that when he is welding there is far more slag than weld when he breaks off the slag there is very little weld the electrode also keeps getting stuck. He has had no problem with straight welds but this is really getting him stressed.

    Any help you could give would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you

  2. Matchless

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    Essex UK
    pictures, of the work and the welder settings,

    it may be that he needs to weave a bit, up the 10mm rod, onto the strip, up the rod in a swirly motion whilst slowly moving forward, and maybe a few more amps for a corner weld, I am no great welder but used a stick from the age of 10 until 20, now 66......
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  3. WorkshopChris

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    Hi and welcome, it might work better if he can clamp a bit of scrap steel next to the bits he wants to weld then strikes up on the scrap get the electrode nice and hot then move across to the 10mm for a short weld with maybe a little sideways weave in it. If any of that makes any sense.
  4. TimSchofield New Member

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    Thank you he has ben striking on some scrap steel, would you say a sideways weave would be just moving the electrode from left to right? Why does it keep sticking? Some photos uploaded!!

    Thnak you IMG_4776.jpg IMG_4774.jpg
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  5. Paul.

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    Northampton. UK
    Current is too low, a joint like that needs a short hot tack, with a 2.5 electrode I would hit that at around 110 -120 amps, strike on a piece of scrap to warm the electrode, break the arc then move straight onto the job, the higher amps will let you keep a tight arc and get into the corner,
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  6. waddycall

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    Stick welding is more difficult when the fit up is poor. As the joint is two round bars meeting at a single point the fit up is naturally poor. I’m no expert but I’d do as Paul says and if that doesn’t work try grinding the bars flat where they meet to lengthen the joint and close up the gaps.
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  7. Parm

    Parm Let The Games Commence

    I’ve made a few BBQs and have always failed at joining round to round.

    My novice, inexperienced welder technique is to use flat bar on the edges and weld to that. I’ve made a T shape spacer to set the gap between bars. Tac up and then vary the welding around as it will curve like a banana. To manage this clamp securely to something solid and leave there till cool. Will still require some straightening, but not too much

    Experienced welders will give you the proper, correct way of doing the job
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  8. mdr

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    The metal is mild steel and not stainless? If it is mild steel I would suggest using an E6011 electrode for the tacking as E6013 has too much slag for a quick dot - for a beginner welder, pros can do anything! :p

    E6011 requires less amps for a hotter arc so with a smaller welder it can work out better.
  9. Memmeddu

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    Italia Sardegna
    I weld round stock quite often
    You should put the electrode right in the middle (increase amps as well) and keep pushing in the joint
    Move slowly so it will fill .
    Another thing you can do is ran two parallel beads and put the round stock in between then weld

    I didn't see the pictures
    Practically the same thing wrote up above play with angles until you find the better
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  10. TimSchofield New Member

    Somerset UK
    Definitely mild steel and not stainless, he has E6013 rods I will get him some E6011 but turning the amps right up has really made a big difference his temper is now cooler than the welder!!!

    Thank you all so much, we can now get back to an slightly easier life in lock down :)

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  11. Liam567 Member

    If what your welding up isn't structure or isn't a critical weld knock the flux off an other rod and feed it in to fill the gap. But do not do it on critical weld joilts