Help need with a generator to run my snap-on pro mig 170

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    Hi all I'm wanting to know if this generator that I have found is big enough and powerful enough to run my snap-on pro mig 170 welder I don't have electric in garage and need power obvs lol so I'm wanting a generator to run my mig welder it's says it's 9kva max power output of 7,200watts and a constant power of 6,500watts there is photos below of my welder and also the generator I want to buy to run my welder Screenshot_20190414-180904_Samsung Internet.jpg 20190414_182314.jpg Screenshot_20190414-180911_Samsung Internet.jpg
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    In short the answer is yes, however it is the 'off load to on load' transition which is a problem. When starting to weld the generator is at no load, when you strike an arc and start welding is when the generator will come on load. The engine will dip in speed as well as the voltage, it is however how it recovers that is important. These small petrol generators have a 'small revolving mass' low kinetic energy and suffer most with the change in load. The second problem is the alternator and it's voltage regulator, the quality of them both will make significant difference. The only way you will truly find out if it will work is to try it in anger, sorry but that is the fact. Some generators give better than expected results, others are worse. In this range of generators, which are normally built to a price, generally don't fair well, even though the specs will say otherwise. Other complication is if the welder is a transformer type. This will be 'less kind to the supply'. I ran out on site my three phase pulse mig on alli (6mm) with this I thought, tiny single cylinder three phase generator, well and behold no problems, ran like a charm:thumbup::thumbup:.
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