HandyTIG vs Microtig vs T DC TIG machines

  1. Luke Rickert New Member

    11140 France
    I am looking at a small, simple, and high quality DC TIG welder and think Lorch is probably the best option (EWM is the other contender).

    I am trying to understand the difference between the various small Lorch lines, models and variants but am finding it hard to differentiate.

    Can anyone confirm the HandyTIG 180 DC BasicPlus variant is what I am looking for (a simple, high quality DC tig machine)? Or do I need the ControlPro version or to step up to the Microtig or T series machines?

    EWM is appealing if for no other reason then they really only have one model in the 180-200 amp DC class of machines which makes the purchase much straight forward :)

    This is for use in a workshop in France (so 230V), I do also have 3 phase but all the small machines are single phase only from what I can tell. I don't care about tolerance for long cords, generators, battery packs etc.


  2. gt6s Member

    Newtownards Co Down Northern Ireland
    Fit a 3 phase plug on just wire off one phase.
  3. morssdn

    morssdn Member

    Stirling, UK
    I’d say it’s not easy to work out the difference between the basic and control pro models on the Lorch website, but if you look at the wasp supplies shop they give you a better indication:
    https://www.waspsupplies.com/lorch-handytig-180-dc-controlpro-230-volt-5776-p.asp and the related page for the basic one.
    I went with the handytig 180 Control pro version as it has pulse which helps me cheat a bit. It also has memories and 2T/4T switching as well as the display. Otherwise the basic version is the same. It’s a nice bit of kit.
  4. Munkul Member

    Cumbria, UK
    If you need nothing more than a simple high quality 240v DC TIG set, then the ht180 will fit the bill.
    If you want more pulse options, multi voltage or better stick welding ability, then the micor tig would be a better bet.
  5. Brad93

    Brad93 M J B Engineering

    If you only need 180A DC I’d have the MicorTig. It’s 110V, 230V or battery. Really small unit and very smooth.
  6. Robbie260 Member

    Scotland highland
    I went with the micor tig 200 basic, i couldnt really see the advantages of the control pro apart from the 10 job memory function which i doubt ill need and the fancy screen for easier setup, which in my case would just act as a magnet for anything that could break it. Though i mainly went with the micor tig for the battery, it was between it and the foronius offering. So i cant really comment on your other options as they werent an option for me so i didnt look at them.