Glass table refurb

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    12E23693-7134-45E4-9D62-C24B333B199E.jpeg 2487E525-90AD-427F-8973-C320D91458CD.jpeg 02522808-8D64-4B38-985C-64E23EE99974.jpeg C619E93E-2443-481C-A913-A840C2575454.jpeg F05DD30B-A899-4E9F-B014-62057E71FE51.jpeg 117CCB96-D54C-4D88-AB8D-978F3D79250C.jpeg Not metal but hey, hooray y’all can give me some tips.

    this has been sat outside in my brothers yard for two years!!

    managed to persuade his kisses to let me have it finally.

    few issues, the too aha some fairly deeps scratches. What to do there??

    ive sorted the metal work with auto-aim and wet and dry.

    the base is two plates laminated but the lamination is cloudy and departing, any ideas on how to split them and re bond. I’m thinking heating with blow lamp in an effort to melt the lamination??
    Anyway a few pics
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  2. Feet 'n Inches

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    That's a really ingenious piece of work. . . congratulations on a job well done. :clapping:

    Looking at the 5th pic where it's stood on the mat, the cloudiness doesn't really show.

    No expertise in dealing with glass, I just wanted to comment on the excellence of the job.
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    jewellers rouge [actually rust in a tin] is about the best thing for glass polishing , you wont get rid of the deep scratches , but with lots of patience you will smooth off the sharp edges and that takes the bad look off them ,, if they bug you that much try a diy windscreen chip kit , as its on the flas ,should be easy to play with .