Gas usage

  1. Al237 Member

    Cheshire, UK
    Did that s410man, it was dropping fairly quickly before I found the small leak at the peashooter gauge connection. Every joint fully tightened now and leak checked, gauge does drop, but much more slowly now. New bottle fitted, will see how this one goes. Also will reduce flow to around 6/7 lpm. Agree re gas requirement for acceptable welds. Tried going as low as 4 lpm on indoor welding, and no porosity.
  2. Hog-Rider Member

    Henley in Arden in Warwickshire
    I went to do a small welding job only to find that my Hobby Gas weld 15 mix was empty. Now I turn my Gas off at the bottle after welding every time, However do I have a leak ? or did I leve the gas switched on between the job I did the previous Day ?? I cant remember. So I went and bought a refill £43 !! Later on today I'm going to check for leaks. If non found I dont know where my Gas went as I dont believe I left the Gas switched on over night.. there is always something !! lol............ Operation find escaping Gas.
  3. tom2207 Member

    uk northern ireland
    As I turn the welder off , I turn the gas off at the bottle ,,, only takes a second or two and that way if I have a leak some where even through a solenoid it makes no odds.
    I run about 5 or 6 lpm on car body work and use a two stage reg as I stitch a lot , saves my gas bill .
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  4. metalmelt Member

    Hog Rider, it could be that you have a miniscule leak somewhere, on the lorry we find large temperature changes expand or contract brass fittings and they get a partial leak sometimes.

    Many welding plants also suffer from gas valve seepage and if the gas valve is the only thing preventing the gas leaking because the bottle is left on then they do leak, think about it, if you have a smaller or DIY type machine then the gas valves are not made to the same standard as an industrial machine and if an industrial machine gas valve leaks then a smaller or DIY machine will over several hours.