Gas Delivery with Tracking

  1. Antmuk New Member

    Strange question here I know but here goes......I pick my gas up locally at the moment but they are shutting down so i'm looking for an alternative so am looking for someone who delivers.

    I'm in and out all day pretty much dropping stuff off at clients so could do with someone who has delivery tracking so i can check on times etc - obvs not expecting full on Amazon level tracking but interested if anyone knows anyone out there that does it?
    I'm in the Dudley, Midlands area if that helps....
  2. hotponyshoes Member

    Somerset. Uk
    Boc were always pretty good on the odd time I had a delivery, order on line, put my number in the notes section and ask them to call me with a time.
    No tracking as such but I would get an email confirming the delivery day then a call from the driver in the morning to arrange the time.

    I now use hobbyweld supplied by a local tool hire place, I can ring them and arrange a 1 hour delivery slot and again, the driver will ring when on the way.
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