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    Torbay, UK
    Hi guys,

    I'm Dan, welding has always been something I've wanted to learn and I finally managed to get on an Introduction to MIG welding course through my work.

    I'm very happy that I can now stick bits of metal together confidently, be it just from the course.

    I'm into old Volvos and I'm restoring a 240 which needs a few bits doing to it as it's no longer your standard antique dealer estate (turbo engine with lots of custom suspension parts) so I'm sure I'll be asking for your help and advice in future.

    Looking to buy a decent MIG in the near future, everything still confuses me a bit when it comes to gas and sheet metal supplies but I'll get there!


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    Welcome to the Forum.
    Please add pictures of your work.
    They always go down well.
    Ask any questions and the answers will freely come.

    Answer any questions and pas your knowledge on.