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    There are a number of shielding gas offers available to forum members. If you are stuck with sourcing gas from BOC or Air Products these offers will save a lot of cash.

    But these offers are not necessarily the cheapest way to buy shielding gas. See the shielding gas suppliers list to compare with other suppliers in your area or look through the shielding gas section of the forum for recommendations.

    The Offers

    BOC Argoshield
    size Y (20L) "Volkszone offer"

    Argon/O2/CO2 Tri-mix for MIG welding mild steel. 20L bottle
    Gas price: £24.51 excl VAT
    Environment and Energy surcharge: £1.92 excl VAT
    Annual rental: £35.80 excl VAT

    BOC Pure Argon size Y (20L)
    Pure Argon for TIG welding. 20L bottle
    Refill - £30 excl Vat
    Surcharge - £1.92 excl VAT
    Yearly Rent - £54 excl VAT

    Southwest Gas Supplies
    Offering £10 cash back on 10L and £20 on 20L bottles available rent free throughout UK. See gas supplier list for locations.
    Approx £50 excl VAT deposit for 10L bottle
    Pure Argon approx £55 excl VAT for refill. MIG gasses cheaper.

    Moderators please update this post with other offers. Gas suppliers contact me if you can provide a discount for forum members.
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