Ford fuel priming hose and valve

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    Been taking a look at a few jobs on the new diesel fiesta. The fuel filter change is apparently a bit if a pain to get at, but that's not my real worry. I have had a mate just been off the road several days as he could not get his diesel to prime and bleed. It just would not re start. The more I read on line the more similar tales I heard.

    Also the official Ford priming hose with different adapters is £250!!!
    I know there are cheaper versions out there but again I see horror stories of wasted money and kit that wont fit, alongside tales of simple ten minute jobs??

    Anyone else here replaced the fuel filter on a Fiesta tdci, or anything to say that might be of help.

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    The biggest issue is the sharp edges of the metal fuel filter cutting, damaging the "O" rings in the pipes.

    Once they go it is a nightmare to fix or replace them. If it happens trace the hoses back to the metal supply and return pipes and fix new rubber hoses.

    Check the filter, buy a decent one, not some cheep after market rubbish. The hoses are easy enough to disconnect, just pull off in a straight line and refit in a straight line.
    Do Not wiggle them on.

    If tackled with care it is a 20 min job. 10 min if the clamp bolt does not fight back.
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    done hundreds, you can get a fuel primer pump /bulb of eBay cheap, change filter connect supply pipe from tank, suck fuel out from filter, re connect other pipe and start and hold revs at 2000 rpm for a few seconds in case any air is left

    also if you have an air compressor you can use a air brake bleeder to suck fuel through
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    Before I had a suction pump I would always fill the filter with diesel first. Now I just put the sucker on and draw diesel from the tank piece of cake.
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    as above use a vac device on the return pipe(connectors coloured red) worked in a ford dealer for 30 yrs never a problem