Flux core to get started?

  1. niels

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    As stated in my introduction, I've never ever held a welding torch. Now that I bit the bullet on a machine I'm looking at the next step: exercise.

    In Belgium, certainly for hobby use, you need to rent a gas bottle which goes from € 175 for 5 year contract to € 50 for a yearly plan.

    As I don't know how much time I will be able to spend with my welder in the coming months (I've a lot of other projects going on too), I was wondering if it makes sense to get some welding experience by using flux core at first. Or is the technique too different from solid wire welding?

    - Niels
  2. tom2207 Member

    uk northern ireland
    Its certainly a way to get started , but its not handy to get really smart results , and as a starting point ic can be frustrating , but at the same time so can looking at a new machine sitting doing nothing , so for the price of a roll of wire , give it a go , remember the polarity is swapped , so follow set up instructions in the manual , have funn
    then work out where your getting your gas from ..
  3. gaz1

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    for a newbie welding with fluxcore is not the best way to go

    gas or arc welding would be as you would see how the weld looks and how the material welds up

    gasless welding welds hot and has the apearance its burning through when its not and hobby welders learn this quickly when theyve welded before

    your starting from scratch and welding with fluxcore you will burn through the metal as you not so sure or you will be the opposite and try to adjust therefore your cold welding the steel
    or you will speed up

    gas works differently to gasless cooler and welds better yes they splatter but gasless is more splatter
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  4. gordon stephenson

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    As above, With flux core you are starting with a more difficult process, And poor disappointing welds may be the result.Its the same with everything in life, but lots of constructive practice will help a lot.
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  5. bricol Member

    N.Yorks, UK
    I learnt with gasless repairing Italian bodywork. Get it right and it means when you swop to using gas, you will be able to do it backwards with yours eyes shut, its that much easier and neater.
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  6. Kayos

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    I dont mind flux core, I learned with an ancient snap on using co2 on bodywork though

    I never weld inside and flux core helps with the non ideal conditions
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  7. badabec Forum Supporter

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    Hello, I like spending other people's money. If it is 175 euro for five years (not 175 per year) then that is only 67 cents per week. Peanuts. As a beginner you need everything in your favour. Rent a gas cylinder, you won't regret it. And get a peashooter to accurately measure the flow rate so you don't waste it.
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