Flatbed build trailer tongue measurements?

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    Im looking to build a sturdy 10ft by 5ft trailer for work to carry sheets of steel and deliver odd bits to site, I'm not sure if there is a standard size that the tongue needs to be on the trailer, if anyone has any information how I can work this out and what degree it needs to be or any plans that will help me to understand this please throw them my way!

    Thanks in advance.
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    First thing to say is that post 2012 there is quite a bit of extra regulation of trailer building and a 10x 5 is very likely to be over the unbraked limits and therefore subject to most of it.
    Indespension used to do a trailer building manual pre 2012 which gave you basic parametres and helped of course to sell their bits, I haven't looked since then but I am sure there would be something on ebay even if Indespension no longer publish it.
    Another good site to look at is the Knott shop for all components.

    From experience I can tell you that it is difficult to build a successful trailer cheaply and unless you need something quite special then finding an old Ifor at the right price and tidying it up is likely to be both cheaper and more satisfactory, not to mention legal and insurable. HTSH
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    Gained from Ifor Williams site, and for the LT106 which is a 10x6 flat..

    Internal Length of 3010mm
    Overall Length of 4350mm

    Less 50mm for the headboard, the Tongue Length is 1290mm.

    Now it wants to be attached 400mm back from the headboard, so some clever maths is needed here, which is above my pay grade possibly.

    A2+B2=C2 or something like that

    BUT...as above, homebrew trailers are now frowned upon, as they’ve never been subject to testing.
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    Google trailer IVA before you commit to it.
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